Would you like to live forever

Lyrics to 'live forever' by oasis: maybe i will never be all the things that i want to be but now is not the time to cry now's the time to find out why i think. How to live forever a strong component in whether you’ll live to see this milestone lies in the age of your parents that is, there is a genetic component to long life if you would. N/a this world is too evil i would like to live a long life but not when all of my friends and family die. Hi, i would like this thread to be based on existing forever or eternity if you were given the choice not from a religious perceptive, but from a psycholog. If by live forever you mean i wouldn't die of age and be immune to diseases like cancer and alzheimers, but still would by able to die from things such as falling from a height or getting blown up or so, i would probably say yes.

“i would not live forever,” replied miss alabama, “because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever. Life is all about evolution what looks like a mistake to others has been a milestone in my life even if people have betrayed me, even if my heart was broken, even if people misunderstood or judged me, i have learned from these incidents. You know, we talked to a lot of people out on the street about would they like to live forever and i was a little surprised at the answers that so many people gave, that most people said they would not want to live forever.

Living forever in a young body october 20, 2012 by the skeptical magician i recently finished up a philosophy class called, technology and the human condition , and for our final paper we had to write about whether or not we would want to live forever in a young body if science made it possible. Do you want to live forever the chicago tribune correspondent floyd gibbons, who was at belleau wood, reported hearing the words in his 1918 memoir and they thought we wouldn't fight, which he attributed to an unnamed gunnery sergeant (daly was a first sergeant at the time. Would you like to live forever morris taylor from the album would you like to live forever october 1, 2014 be the first to review this item $089 start your 30-day free trial of unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs exclusive prime pricing $089 to.

Would you like to live forever the pros and cons of eternal life posted jun 18, 2013. If there was a way to live forever (and stay physically and mentally healthy or at least mentally), sing me up the best way would be if there was a way to sleep through a few decades at a time and be woken up every 20 or so years, just to see what's up. You know, just livewithout getting older, without too much diseaseswith an ability to learn any new language or technology, just liveforever.

He only remembers bits and pieces from his life, and asking him to remember what his life was like 3000 years ago, is like asking you to remember what your life was like when you were 3 months old the kind of forever i'd like to live would be one where i could die, but it would just be very difficult to do. Would you like to live forever probably not according to a new survey by the pew research center, most americans don’t want to stick around much longer than current life expectancysixty. Wanting to live forever is different in trying to escape death, we are attempting to transcend the natural world mr weston is a short, stout man dressed in an overcoat and wearing a brown.

Would you like to live forever

However, i like to think life will always be a better choice than death the feelings i have, good or bad, are simply the very nature of human existence death isn't just liberation from the bad. Being able to live forever, and by living forever you have all the time in the world to make decisions about what you would like to do and where you would like to go. You know, there's another story by tom robbins called jitterbug perfume that talks about a couple who plan to live forever they meet pan and they live for centuries, when their curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to try and cross over to death and come right back.

By definition nothing can live forever, because living requires things like metabolism, which isn't possible on a time scale deemed forever you're just spouting religious idolatry which has no place or relevancy to this documentary. When i talk about living forever, most of the people i talk to, at least outside the transhumanist community, react with varying degrees of shock and horror but why would you want to do thatis the most common response, by a mile now, it seems to me the answer to this question is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.

I would like to live forever but only if i was able to use this ability to do good for, say the military if i could be able to help like in the movie edge of tomorrow. The idea of living forever might seem like one that's limited to fairy tales, particularly if you were born in 1800, when the average life expectancy was 35 years [source: sieberg] now, though, men in the us have a life expectancy of 75 years women , 80 [source: o'neill . Best answer: i believe that every human being would like to live forever, since they dont even have the meaning for dying we are beings that get to know ourselves by living not being there is unknown ur not there the screen doesnt go black, u dont even know before it happens ur not needed, gone. You can live forever by making a major positive impact on society you don't have to be living to live forever.

would you like to live forever You’d have a list of ex-girlfriends like the domesday book and if it got that bad, you could just throw in the towel and if it got that bad, you could just throw in the towel but journalist bryan appleyard, author of how to live forever or die trying , says ennui would set in. would you like to live forever You’d have a list of ex-girlfriends like the domesday book and if it got that bad, you could just throw in the towel and if it got that bad, you could just throw in the towel but journalist bryan appleyard, author of how to live forever or die trying , says ennui would set in.
Would you like to live forever
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